In today’s business aviation environment, protection is a necessity and should be a priority for all executives, flight crews, and flight departments. Evolving threats range from opportunistic criminal acts of theft, property damage, assaults, and kidnapping to premeditated actions from terror groups, transnational organized criminal organizations, and street gangs. A particularly harmful security challenge includes the insider threat from individuals intimately familiar with your operations who may be secretly working to place your organization, staff, clients, and even your aircraft, at risk. Security threats are constantly evolving and require organizations to take proactive efforts to prevent disaster. CASI protects your business aviation environment and keeps you ahead of threats.

Executive & Aircrew Protection

Aircraft Protection

Maritime Protection

CASI Protects Your Business Aviation And Maritime Environments


CASI provides proactive security in the form of personal protection agents who are knowledgeable about the threats against you, and experienced in protecting individuals, small groups, assets, and reputations. Our intelligence team conducts threat analyses tailored to specific locations and regions ahead of your travel, provides consulting and guidance for the best course of action to keep you safe at your destination, and provides executive protection professionals to ensure your personal security.

CASI security professionals provide protection for your executives, flight crews, aircraft, and yachts, with options for highly visible, low-profile, or zero presence security. Our efforts are focused on procedures that prevent your travel from attracting unwanted attention and deny access to bad actors.



At the airfield, our protection agents monitor and secure your aircraft around-the-clock to prevent theft, vandalism, or any hostile action. In the event of a security situation impacting the airworthiness of your aircraft, CASI alerts your pilots and flight department to activate the contingency plan, including dispatching a back-up aircraft.


CASI’s military and commercial divers, teamed with our executive protection specialists, are able to conduct security assessments on your yacht or sailboat, provide security during travel, and monitor your vessel in port to protect it from hostile acts and theft.