Modern business aviation environments require organizations to take on multifaceted challenges. CASI Strategic Risk Consulting is here to assist. We have the expertise to help clients assess risk, develop customized strategies for risk threshold, and then meet those risk management goals.

We help clients assess risk

We develop customized strategies

We meet risk management goals

CASI offers high-quality threat analysis and security protection


With advanced analytics and historical threat data, CASI identifies and qualifies significant risks, quantifies potential losses, and assists decision-makers through industry best practices. Our Strategic Risk Consulting team partners with clients to develop appropriate risk management strategies aligned to their business objectives and tailor it to current operational environments. CASI Strategic Risk Consulting develops enterprise-wide business continuity and security plans that include any of the following services:

Bespoke Security Reports

Business Continuity Management

Country Risk Assessments & Reports

Insurance & Contractual Review

Crisis Preparedness & Response

Evacuation Strategy

Executive Preparedness Exercises

Risk Management design, review, & update



Assessments on a flight department’s home base of operations are critical. The flight department management must ensure the security of the hangar, office space, employee parking, entrance, and exit points to prevent unauthorized people from entering. Protocols are also required to breach security measures in support of law enforcement, medical, or fire emergency response. CASI conducts site assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your security structure and then provides guidance to improve total security at your hangar and related areas of interest. As needed, our team can facilitate local first responders conducting liaison with your flight department to discuss emergency response at your facility. This best practice gives your flight department an empowered role in an emergency.

We ensure site security

We conduct site assessments

We bring together first responders


CASI’s approach preserves and strengthens confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your business data. This is achieved through assessments and recommendations to strengthen your cybersecurity and data privacy pipeline, from the cyber security knowledge, skills, and practices of your business aviation workforce to the network hardware and software used to secure critical information. 

CASI assessments are performed to the highest industry standards for cybersecurity and data privacy including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (currently ver. 1.0), the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Essentials Toolkit, and the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) Controls.

We secure your hardware and software

We preserve the integrity of your data

We perform assessments to the highest industry standards

CASI’s Strategic Risk Consulting combined with cybersecurity and strong physical protective measures are crucial to ensure the safety and security of staff, pilots, aircrew, executives, the aircraft, and support equipment at home and abroad.