The CASI team is a group of experienced professionals bringing the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures from law enforcement, the armed forces, industry, and other government agencies. Team experience includes military and civilian aviation, maritime and underwater operations, insurance and risk analysis, cybersecurity, emergency medical response, training, and more. We work with a measured, disciplined approach and pride ourselves on a 100% safety and success record.


The CASI team brings a long track record of success from business, commercial, and military aviation experience. Our pilots, flight crew, aircraft insurance and risk analysis experts, aviation lawyers, aviation security specialists, and others are fully committed to safe and successful operations. We understand the needs of pilots, flight crews, and flight departments, as well as their executives, and integrate seamlessly alongside client teams to complete each mission. 


CASI divers and maritime security professionals have served as U.S. Navy combat divers, commercial industry divers, and in other specialized areas. We are experts at conducting ship safety and security inspections, and underwater salvage. Our team has supported vessels ranging in size from lake and ocean-class yachts to aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. We can help secure our clients’ yachts, sailboats, and all activities and individuals aboard, in port and underway.


The CASI Executive Protection (EP) team brings significant experience protecting VIPs, elected officials – including members of Congress and US Ambassadors and their families, at home and abroad. Our highly skilled teams provide exceptional protection, in large and small team environments, visible or zero presence, to ensure the principals’ physical and reputational safety. Whether in buildings, a motorcade, stateside, or in a combat zone, a CASI EP team delivers exceptional personal protection with worldwide law enforcement and military experience.


CASI law enforcement professionals have honorably served American communities for decades. Their experience protecting lives, identifying and countering threats, de-escalating tense situations, and understanding the law is beyond reproach. Led by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) veterans with contemporary experience in large, medium, and small American communities, these former law enforcement professionals extend their experience and capabilities to the varied needs of our clients, and CASI is honored to have them on our team!


CASI medical professionals have the training, knowledge, and experience honed from years of experience as military combat medics or civilian paramedics delivering exceptional trauma care on battlefields and emergency rooms. They are expert instructors and bring decades of experience and advanced formal training. CASI medical teams bring emergency and life-saving rescue techniques and medical expertise, and their capabilities range from first aid and CPR to emergency medical and advanced trauma paramedic skills. 


CASI originated from the military term CAS, short for “close air support” – a capability and ironclad promise to deliver protection to troops on the ground, from immediately above or over the horizon. We’ve adapted the term, simply changed to Corporate Aviation Security. Then one of our teammates, a South African Special Forces Veteran, recommended we include the word “International” in the name – a great idea!

CASI’s roots run deep in the military where many of us received the best training, education, and experiences in life. Our team includes: former U.S. Navy combat divers, U.S. Marine Corps snipers and Force Reconnaissance, U.S. Army intelligence and special operations personnel, U.S. Naval Aviators, and U.S. Air Force special operations personnel. Most of our team members who served in the military have combat experience in multiple theaters and campaigns; all of the Military Veterans on our team value life and fully recognize the severe threat of our enemies, foreign and domestic.