Rocket Attacks cause closure of Israeli Airport

Rocket Attacks cause closure of Israeli Airport

SOURCE: The Irish Times

May 11th, 2021

As fighting endures between Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces, rockets fires from Gaza

continue to be fired into the city Tel Aviv, the location of the Ben Gurion International Airport.

As recently as last week, Israel’s main international Ben Gurion airport was closed to incoming and outgoing flights due to the barrages of rocket targeting urban centers nearby. Israeli Defense Forces have responded to these rocket attacks using both air and artillery strikes into Gaza, further complicating the security situation for civilian air travel within Israeli airspace.

According to reports, A Hamas TV channel said the group was deploying Iranian A-120 rockets, with a range of 100km. These rockets putting Ben Gurion International Airport, which is only 68.5km away, at a direct risk of rocket impact. While Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system has successfully intercepted around 90% of incoming rockets from Gaza thus far, Hamas responded by changing tactics and firing a massive number of rockets simultaneously at a specific area to penetrate Israel’s defensive shield.

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