Managing an Inflight Medical Emergency

Managing an Inflight Medical Emergency

SOURCE: National Business Aviation Association

Corporate Flight Crews require the ability to respond to Inflight Medical Emergencies.

An article published by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) emphasizes the importance of having a dedicated plan to respond to inflight medical emergencies. The article recognizes that many corporate flight departments do not have their own organic medical response capabilities and may need to rely on external professional services in order to fill the capability gap:

When developing a plan for managing an inflight medical emergency, keep in mind that some business aircraft operators don’t have the resources or medical expertise in house. Since many business aircraft operations are conducted without cabin crew and some are flown single-pilot, consider developing relationships with vendors to assist in a medical emergency so pilots can focus on flying the aircraft.” (NBAA, 2017)

In addition to having inflight or on-the-ground professionals available to assist in the event of an immediate medical emergency, the article also recommends extensive training for flight departments so that they can handle medical emergencies on their own, if required:

Experts also encourage business aircraft operators to provide pilots, flight attendants and frequent passengers (for those operators not flying with a cabin crewmember) with comprehensive training in managing inflight emergencies.” (NBAA, 2017)

A combination of (1) on-hand operational support from trained professionals and (2) real-world, scenario-based training for flight crew personnel can help ensure that flight departments are prepared to handle inflight medical emergencies well before an emergency occurs.

CASI provides corporate flight departments with professional services such as “Advanced Lifesaver Medical Training”, “Basic Lifesaver Medical Training”, and “CPR Training” to prepare flight departments in the event of a real-world inflight medical emergency.

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