Security System failure at Australian Airport

Security System failure at Australian Airport


April 26th, 2021

Adelaide International Airport in Australia was temporarily evacuated because of a security issue, which led to flights being delayed after major queues formed in the main terminal.

The evacuation began after a security system failure allowed people to enter the terminal without being properly screened. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said a “small number of people” passed through a “non-functional” security detector, describing the problem as a “minor systems outage”. As a precaution, all passengers and staff were evacuated from the terminal while a security sweep was done.

A similar incident occurred at the airport in December 2019, when the main terminal was evacuated due to what authorities described as a “security fault” that required passengers to be re-screened.

Incidents like these illustrate the vulnerabilities of civilian aviation security systems. CASI provides corporate flight departments with dedicated and trusted professional security required for worldwide flight operations to help mitigate aviation security threats

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